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HINABINGO!2 ep01 – ep05 – Naisho Media
Variety / TV SHOW

HINABINGO!2 ep01 – ep05

After the first season of HINABINGO! from April to June, Hinatazaka46 keeps its Monday late nights BINGO! slot on NTV and the show continues right away with the second season. It is still straight variety (no comedy or acting competitions) with comedian Koyabu Kazutoyo as the show MC. There is also the usual extra web content on Hulu called ‘HINA ROOM’.

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Episode 01 [190715]
GD1 | GD2 | MirrorAce | US

Episode 02 [190723]
GD1 | GD2 | MirrorAce | US | Streamango

Episode 03 [190730]
GD1 | GD2 | MirrorAce | US

Episode 04 [190806]
GD1 | GD2 | MirrorAce | Streamango | US

Episode 05 [190813]
GD1 | GD2 | MirrorAce | VeryStream | US
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