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Matsui Jurina -1st Album- Private [FLAC/MP3] – Naisho Media
Matsui JurinaSingle/AlbumSolo

Matsui Jurina -1st Album- Private [FLAC/MP3]

Tracklist Details

  1. (NEW) Sofa to Cushion (ソファーとクッション)
  2. (NEW) monochrome
  3. (NEW) Anata no te (あなたの手)
  4. (NEW) Aishiteru (愛してる)
  5. (NEW) KMT Dance (KMTダンス)
  6. (NEW) Stay with me
  7. (NEW) YOLO
  8. (NEW) Chuu yori kiss (チューよりkiss)
  9. (NEW) Ano hi Kawashita Yakusoku (あの日交わした約束)
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